Vegas here we come!

1 day until the start of our 2 week motorcycle trip. We will be starting just outside Sacramento, California and going to Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Capital Reef National Park, back to Las Vegas for a few nights, and then back home. Without side trips or any other riding in Vegas…. that is 2000 miles. Whew.

The challenge of this trip is what to pack. Everything must be lightweight and a “must have” if it is going. No fancy Vegas clothes. No big camera equipment. Just the basics. Mostly riding gear. Thank God for motels with laundry! Jacket. Gloves. Boots. Credit card. I’m set!

Of course, then my husband texts me…. “I need to calculate what we are taking and what the bike can carry.”


Ok. This is a question I needed to know about 3 months ago…. that way I could lose that Covid 19 weight!! Seriously, it’s a valid concern, so I deducted only 5 lbs… not the 10 lbs I was considering. Yes, you don’t know me, but I am joking. Don’t really care about a number and really won’t care on the back of the bike going thru Death Valley.

Back to our plans. Tomorrow, after leaving work early, we will be heading out for our first stop Lake Tahoe. I cannot wait!

I just have to talk to husband and what we need to leave behind. And it won’t be my GoPro or Vegas swimsuit!

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