You Can Blame My Husband

Recently, my husband has been reading more magazines and online content about motorcycles, motorcycle travel, motorcycle gear, and motorcycle parts.  Yes, he’s a little motorcycle crazy (more on the reasons for this later).

This past weekend, he brought up me starting to blog.  At first, I completely laughed him off, went back to my homework, and finished marathoning the latest superhero series on Netflix.  Then, I got to thinking.  Why not?  I have all this extra time on my hands (see prior sentence), and I need something else to do!

Seriously though….  I just have a hard time saying no to the man I have spent 26 years with, when he looks at me and says “you can do it”.

So, when I endlessly write about our latest travel destination, latest motorcycle ride, or latest life lesson….

You Can Blame My Husband.


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